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This here is nothing short of amazing

Now this is solidarity. 

What’s beautiful about this, too, is the image that a monk presents. Plenty of people are able to vilify black people enough to not care if they see violence against them and due to their ignorance and racism they see a crowd of them as something violent or criminal. But image of monks getting hurt and dying are often something most people recoil against when they see them in news about like the situation in Tibet. 

By standing with them, they bring that image of peace with them to show that the people they are standing with are just as peaceful as them, and if there were to be any further violence against them, it’d be terrible press for the cops: images of police shooting tear gas and rubber bullets at monks.

This was a good thing they did, especially when there’s so much slant in the press to make black people look like thugs. 

look at the detail in her hair…

I read that they created an entire computer program to make each strand of her hair move the way it should with her body

like 2 years of this movie production was dedicated to her hair 

I really do hope someone who worked on this has a tumblr and is sat with a single tear in their eye whispering “they noticed… it was all worth it, every single day…”

(Source: yeahdisney)

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